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We are all about food and wine and love to talk the topic!

We are a small group of past chefs,sommeliiers, importers and restaurant owners  who enjoy all the elements of the food and wine industry.

Nothing mainstream about us


We proudly offer no big national brands that dominate the market. We work personally and directly with our hand selected wineries to bring you wines with a true sense of their origin. All of our wines are estate grown, boutique family owned and operated wineries using sustainable farming practices with minimal contact from the field to the bottle allowing the varietals to be a true expression of their origin. You will find all of our wines are apprachable and ready to drink without further need of cellaring. All vintages offered are our current releases as the wines are cellared and only released at their peak.We work as both direct importers and distributor so the wines arrive in pristine condition. 



We are a family owned and operated company with years of traditional contacts throughout Europe and the US. We want to share our wines with those that are passionate about wine and  food. We hope you enjoy our selections and have the chance to enjoy them with friends and family.


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410 S Sunset St Suite # C , Longmont, Colorado 80501, United States

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